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The worst problem with censorship

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The worst problem with censorship is that even if you have proof for your reality, where the public reality is controlled, it is not possible to find any impartial court or other forum that can even understand your reality.  The false image become per the prince's decree both declared and formal truth, and the real reality you live in become, both formally and for everyone else, untruth.

This is also the basic nature of Western culture, so it will always come back to this.  Read Ola Alexander Frisk.  Western culture is built on to secure a static system.  When people start becoming so dynamic that the current static system fear that it can not maintain the oppression, the oppression become completely open to the oppressed, while those who do not care become even more ignorant, and can due to their ignorance also easily be turned into different forms of weapons.

However, we do not want to live in a static hell.  We want to dynamically have many different dimensions and dynamics within existence.  The static hell is self-destructing because it preys on exactly the same as it oppresses, namely dynamic creating.  The question is not if the static hell will disappear, the question is whether it will kill its host before it disappears.

— LegeNet Holistic Detective Agency, 2017-02-24.

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