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STATUS REPORT 2016-11-21

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Western culture has been exposed as a fraud originally by Roman imperialism.

It has been revealed how we were made into babbling idiots.

"The Academic tradition is simply the worst terrorists that so far has existed on this planet.— Ola Alexander Frisk, This Is How The State Fucks Your Mind, Division TwoThe Hidden System of Platonism Rules the Current Western Culture, p. 166,  http://hyperdialog.tk/ .  Read the book on the link on how we can free ourselves from thousands of years of mental military dictatorship!

The more implicated in the system we are, the more we have become corrupted.

The Hypertaboo is that we are not allowed to question the underlying stupidity which creates the third level of stress, which means we will become aggressive against those who disturb us in our denial.

The Hypertaboo and Deep State's defense of the same by all manner of mostly hidden repression is the only way to maintain the deception.

By understanding how oppression have corrupted, we can forgive the oppressors, if only they themselves understand.  It is everyone's responsibility to do ones inner work.  The option truly is doom.

— LegeNet Holistic Detective Agency, 2016-11-21.

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