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Sub Quantum Kinetics

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Google "Dr Paul LaViolette" "sub quantum kinetics" for the best info on the 'net on sub quantum kinetics.

In this context I'd also like to repeat this highly relevant quote from my own 2007-12-05 text "Crisis of Imagination" (pÄ svenska "Fantasikrisen"):

"One can only speculate as to the reasons why a seven year research work by 450 researchers at CDF FermiLab concerning the fundamental structure of matter, a paper that had been accepted for publication, later was stopped in many different ways.  (”FERMILAB MEDIA ADVISORY 2/7/96, CDF Results Raise Questions on Quark Structure.  An article scheduled to appear in the February 9 issue of Science describes results contained in a paper submitted to Physical Review Letters by the 450-member Collider Detector collaboration at Fermilab.  The CDF paper reports results that appear to be at odds with predictions based on the current theory of the fundamental structure of matter.  The paper, submitted January 21, 1996, reports the collaboration’s measurement of the probability that the fundamental constituents of matter [e.g., Quarks and Anti-quarks] will be deflected, or will “scatter,” when very high energy Protons collide with anti-Protons, according to CDF spokesmen William Carithers and Giorgio Bellettini.”) And what did their research show, that was so horrible that it had to be silenced so that it will not reach the ’science’fundamentalists?  Their findings lead to the conclusion that the standard cosmological model cannot be correct.  And to open THAT ‘box’, that is really to open ‘Pandora’s box’.  One little idea stemming from the standard cosmological model is that gravitation supposedly is a primary field effect.  This despite many researchers who have shown that gravitation is manipulable.  Electro-gravitational effects are even used in the B2-Stealth bomber since over a decade, to enhance performance.  But these kinds of results cannot be published in established ’scientific’ journals.  Other results that have been stopped is that matter can be manufactured from light, because this is also supposedly impossible according to the standard cosmological model.  (Stanford Collaboration, 1997, Discover Magazine.)" (Quoted by Leif Erlingsson 2007-12-05 in "Crisis of Imagination" (pĂ„ svenska "Fantasikrisen").)

Leif Erlingsson

Uppdate 2010-07-31:

According to Dr. Paul LaViolette, the ancients apparently understood something about the equivalent to sub quantum kinetics theory. Quote from "The Controllers Agenda" by Gerry Zeitlin:

"In Open SETI Physics we wrote:
A major portion of Genesis of the Cosmos is devoted to the concept that SQK (sub quantum kinetics) is actually an ancient science, encoded for us in well-known myths - for example, the Egyptian myth of Osiris, Isis, Set, and Horus (representing etheron states and dynamics) as well as the Hindu gods.

The very idea that greater wisdom and knowledge may have been possessed by our ancient forebears is itself utterly at variance with the beliefs of modern society....
LaViolette does not mention anything of gnosticism, the Aeons, or Sophia. However, he has clearly found remnants of gnostic knowledge in many classical mythologies.

For example, in Earth Under Fire, he writes of the birth of Athena from the head of Zeus:
The splitting of his head...suggests an explosive conclusion. Athena, who springs forth from Zeus fully armed with shield and spear, would then signify the outburst of cosmic rays violently emitted from the Galactic center.
Now, to LaViolette, the ancients understood something equivalent to his SQK theory, and built mythical metaphors to encode and preserve their understanding for future generations."

This makes the fact that the research performed by 450 scientists at the CDF FermiLa was stopped all the more interesting! Apparently it threatened the gang that had been King of the Hill for so long here on our planet and who now apparently is loosing it's grip on the power and the glory. (PÄ svenska: Detta gör det faktum att forskningen som gjordes av 450 forskare vid CDF FermiLab stoppades sÄ mycket intressantare! Uppenbarligen hotade den det gÀng som har varit herre pÄ tÀppan sÄ lÀnge hÀr pÄ vÄr planet och som nu tydligen hÄller pÄ att tappa taget om makten och hÀrligheten.)

Leif Erlingsson

Senast uppdaterad 2010-07-31 22:11  
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