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The Instruction Manual for how to dissolve the Matrix

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The first page of the book:


The First Book of Hyperdialog — Section One

This Is How The State Fucks Your Mind

- Ola Alexander Frisk


Gender and racial discrimination, surveillance, exploitation and so forth are only effects.  The real problem is — that it is possible to suppress the people — or like this — we are not genuine citizens.

Get how the Western culture is made and maintained to eliminate the real roots of our Western civilisation — and you will be — released.  Or like this.  This book is not only a glitch in the matrix.  This book is the key — the instruction — of how to dissolve the matrix.

Our enormous problem is that we, the citizens or you, are trained to trust established authority instead of to base our life's on what can be proved.  And on top of that, you probably say that the current order is the same as Democracy, Reason and Science.  In the next step you might complain that it is horrible — and odd — that the world is fucked up.  And then you are confused and forced to get back to the cosy feeling the established traditions gives you.  The confusion and the false security are of course a result of that you are systematically trained to be easy to command and control.  You are simply formed to be stupid and complacent by the Ă©lite of the state(s), their schools, universities and their massmedia.  They take you on a ride from the cradle to the grave.

The super compressed story is that the Church eliminated the real roots of our civilisation as it was formulated in ancient Athens.  Then the Church formed the Academic tradition.  And then have the political Ă©lite taken over the same strict religious rules as they call Science.

You will get that the Western worldview is an illusion made and maintained solely to suppress and exploit the citizens.  And above all: anyone will be able to prove these relations by referring to open historic facts that usually are hidden by the political Ă©lite and the Academic tradition.  So, if you are constantly frustrated or feel that you live in a cage where the reality is not real and have depression, anxiety disorders and panic attacks; you are perfectly healthy in a world built and kept to be sick.

This first section is a compact and yet comprehensive introduction to how the Western worldview was constructed and is preserved to cripple our possibilities to think and understand.  Here are the descriptions of the real roots of our civilisation, as it was formulated in ancient Athens, so any reader will clearly understand the restrictive functions of the Western worldview delivered by the Academic tradition.

You will get a mix of examples from today, historic material and systematic presentations.  Later sections will in detail show how socalled philosophers that has been educated, paid and published by protectors of the Western worldview have fortified the barriers to real thinking and understanding.

And no, this is not what is called a conspiracy.  It is the other way around.  What they make you to believe is the Truth, Democracy, Reason, History and Science is a conspiracy or a racket to make you into a zombie and easy to command and control.

My words will hopefully get you truly furious.  So, please remember; do not use violence.  Brutal force is their truth, method and perspective.  Any form of violence will only strengthen the established system of terror and make you a criminal.  Moreover, violence cannot break up brainwashing.  Only insights gained from real thinking and understanding; based on what can be proved dissolve brainwashing.

Version 20 March 2017 | hyperdialog.blogspot.com | hyperdialog.tk

End quote.

This is the key:  "the Western worldview is an illusion made and maintained solely to suppress and exploit the citizens."

What you will understand as you read the book is how our consciousnesses have been colonized, and we thereby have been weaponized.  No wonder people are crazy.  The wars are not exceptions but a given result of the original mental occupation.  The emigrants to America could not get away from the mental occupation, which is why they only spread the mental contagion.  The oppression is built into the mental model we all suffer under.  Shit can't definitely end, without the original mental infection is first eradicated.  Otherwise we are like virus infected computers which, unless virus scanners are used, continues to infect new computers.  "This book is not only a glitch in the matrix.  This book is the key — the instruction — of how to dissolve the matrix."

Moreover, the global consciousness fragmentation that is happening now is comparable with how an individual who has been under Mind Control goes into a crisis when the programming begins to dissolve.  There are then usually self destruct programs in place so that the individual should take him or herself out...........

— LegeNet Holistic Detective Agency, 2017-03-21.

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