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Author Topic: The Casing Theory (screen resolution for viewing: 1024 x 768 or higher )  (Read 550 times)

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The Casing Theory (screen resolution for viewing: 1024 x 768 or higher )
on: October 23, 2009, 08:24:49 PM


Dear readers and members of this absolutely unique forum. Thanks to the initiative of Jim starting
this open minded and friendly GC-forum and this initiative coinciding with the appearance of the
unparalleled and enlightened mind of David, the Gwandau Team hereby have the privilege to welcome
you to an adventure that will boggle the mind if you give yourself the opportunity to see what we have seen.

                                             Part 1- Foreword

                               The Casing Theory
                                       by the Gwandau Team

           An unprecedented approach to the physics behind the
      extraterrestrial drive, based on David Barclay's Unity theory.

                                                            Image 1 – Barclay drive Systems


How many of us haven’t wondered about the workings of the extraterrestrial
crafts frequently visiting our planet?

What strange technology is implemented in these wonderful vessels?

Saturated by awe we naturally give these extraterrestrials the credit of being the
masters of a technology far more advanced than our own.

How could anyone question this? Is this not obvious?
Well, maybe it is more to it than that.

Imagine the possibility that their technology does not even originate from the
same basic viewpoint as ours.

In that sense the extraterrestrials are really not representing an advanced
technology seen from our point of view, they are just looking at the events
around us based on a totally different understanding.

Could it be that mankind’s experimental results and observations are accurate,
but wrongly interpreted when explained?

What if our nicely defined forces like gravity and electromagnetism are not even
forces at all?

What if even light itself is not a wave that travels from A to B?

Our present concept of universe being here by its own means as physical matter
in vacant emptiness may be a major misconception.

The life long efforts invested by our brightest physicists are all based on a few
untouchable fundamental concepts, being the very base for their complex models.

But if the foundation of the base is at fault, the rest of the structure will falter.

Let’s make an intellectual experiment and imagine the possibility that all observable
events just are mere responses to one single underlying universal energy field.
This is fully possible, since it is very easy to misread an effect for a cause, if the
cause is not directly observable.

The today scientifically accepted existence of the so called Zero Point energy,                       
observable in the Casimir effect and its detectable responses measured to high
precision, indicates the presence of such an all encompassing underlying field.

And just recently physicists at Yale University have made the first definitive
measurements of "persistent current," a small but perpetual electric current that
flows naturally through tiny rings of metal wire even without an external power
source, adding to the proof of a universal underlying energy field.

So maybe contemporary science has got it all wrong from the very start.

According to the paradigm shifting relativity theory of David Barclay, this is the
unfortunate situation.

It is unfortunate, since the misleading concept of energy by contemporary science
not only is keeping us on a primitive level of understanding, but also presently is
being the greatest threat to the wellbeing of mankind.

And as long as we misinterpret the effect for the cause, we will inevitably be
screened off from the possibility to reach a deeper level of understanding.

Now, if every observable event in our universe just is an effect and response to
one single underlying energy field, this must also include our concept of energy.

So if our concept of energy is just an observable secondary effect, we arrive to the
fundamental question: What then is real energy?

Try visualizing real energy as something constructive that projects and sustains.

Think of it as a universal underlying field of energy that makes everything exist
and stay together, an energy that vibrates all matter, time and space into being.

And turn the whole thing around, place what we today regard as energy on a
subordinate scale that only relates to real energy as a secondary response on the
far end of the event scale, and call it Underlying Field Resistance.

On this subordinate scale you will find any process involved in disintegration,
like all forms of oxidations, such as rust, fire, and explosion. Radioactivity is
another example of underlying field resistance.

These are the inverse forms of energy, or more correctly, a resistance effected by
energy differentials between two field systems.

Underlying field energy, or Non Linear Time Field Frequency Acceleration
(NTFFA), is according to the Unity theory what makes everything exist.

So the existence of universe is due to an all encompassing underlying field energy
that sustains stability, projecting all matter into being.

It is also the very engine that creates space and causes the propagation of time.
The highest level of underlying field energy per unit of mass we will find being
present in the most stable structures, like hydrogen.

Heavy and radioactive elements on the other end of the periodic table are
exhibiting the lowest level of underlying field energy per unit of mass and are
unstable due to the insufficient amount of field energy available to enable a
sustainable projection of such a heavy element in the field system of Earth.

The heat and radiation resulting from the half-life process of these heavy
elements is not energy, just a field resistance proportional to the differential
of field energy between the element and the surrounding field system.

So according to the Unity concept of energy, when you put a match to hydrogen,
the result is not energy, it is relative field energy loss, resulting in underlying
field resistance in the form of heat.

If the physicists of today were open minded enough to try looking at events from
the viewpoint of the Unity theory, the anomalous entanglement of contradictions
and paradoxes in contemporary quantum physics would dissolve and everything
would begin to fit together.

Also, as in our case, when approaching the mystery of the alien crafts, some
totally unexpected and unknown doors started to open in the light of NTFFA.

Our research into the workings of the extraterrestrial crafts was inspired by the
possibility of modulating this underlying field derived from David Barclay’s
theory, by diffracting the field into a frequency focus of higher NTFFA than the
NTFFA of the surrounding field, which will lead to a decrease in gravity.

High relative level of NTFFA = low gravity response.

The FFM Focus Finder by the Gwandau Team:

(FFM= Field Frequency Modulator)

An absolute necessity for a success in creating such a field aside from the actual
modulation is to find a proper way to encapsulate this modulated field.
Otherwise the created field will not act as a self sustained field, due to the impact
of the imposing surrounding field system.

Therefore our primary concern at this stage of the FFM Focus Finder project by
the Gwandau Team is to understand how such an encapsulation is made successfully.

Just two months ago, when we started our research into the properties of the
casing fragment found at the Roswell incident 1947 and hidden away from
authorities for years, we did not have the slightest idea of what this would lead to.

Our interest was initially ignited by the strange multilayer composition of the
casing and its unique electromagnetic properties and when approaching the
subject in the light of David Barclay's Unity theory, things started to unfold.

At this point we recalled certain anomalous discoveries at the frontiers
of quantum physics, which when applied to the NTFFA concept of the Unity
theory made things start to unveil itself faster than we almost managed to follow.

What began as a study in electromagnetic properties ended up in understanding
the possible function of the extraterrestrial drive, a discovery I would not have
imagined in my wildest dreams.


                                                                   Image 2 – Night Visit

Part 2 "Introduction" will be posted within 24 hours

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The Casing Theory Part 2 (screen resolution for viewing: 1024 x 768 or higher )
Reply #1 on: October 25, 2009, 11:37:48 PM


                                        Part 2 - Introduction

         Introduction to the casing theory

What I am about to describe will not be comprehendible without a deeper
understanding of the Unity concept. Therefore it is essential for you to read this
condensed introduction to be able to grasp the validity of the casing theory.

I would say, even if you regard yourself fairly acquainted with David Barclay’s
field theory, the following introduction is still vital for understanding the possible
significance of our findings.

As explained in David Barclays Unity theory, all known detectable events in the
observable physical world are derivates from a fundamental underlying field,
projecting matter, space and time into being, giving everything existing a unique
time field frequency signature, thereby giving it a relation to everything else.

This is relativity in its full context.

All field systems relate to each other through the value of accelerative time field
frequency that makes up each field system.

This NTFFA value is unique for every existing field system in universe, from the
smallest particle to the greatest galaxy cluster, and is the very signature that
allows for any field system to coexist with the rest of universe.

All field systems of our universe are connected through this relation and
respond instantly to any change in the rest of the field matrix.

It is bound to be instantaneous since the underlying field projecting our universe
into existence is centre oriented in all field systems, making every point of
reference the centre of field, no matter where in universe it is situated.

If just one single atom were added to our universe, the field system of this atom
would instantly make the rest of universe respond by changing the universal
balance of field systems to the degree of the imposed addition.

Of course the change in the example above would be very small, but none
the less it would induce change, since the relativity between all field systems
in a non static universe like ours would cease to be relative otherwise.

If just two atoms had the same field signature, our universe would instantly
collapse. The exact same field signature is of course impossible, since the
interactive design of instantaneous relativity will balance the signature of any
field system in relation to all other field systems in our universe.

Therefore Earth itself is a great unified field system quite different from for
example the Moon or the Sun.

And because their NTFFA values are different, their time fields are different
from each other, resulting in a different propagation of time relative to each

And the further out one moves from a planetary field, the lesser amount of this
fields energy is present, affecting both time and space.

So if you build a spaceship and set forth towards the stars you will inevitably
experience the disappointment of gradual moving into areas of decreasing time
propagation, resulting in a gradual slowdown.

This will happen if departing Earth with a conventional vessel, like the Pioneer
10 for example. It will slow down and finally reach close to zero speed, and as
David Barclay points out, this is just what is happening to the Pioneer vessels
that are now reaching far out from the solar system.

To the huge puzzlement of NASA the Pioneer 10 vessel is slowing down, contrary
to the predicted acceleration when leaving the gravity fields of the solar system.

This anomaly is commented in various scientific articles, like the article linked

So just as David Barclays relativity theory explains, it is impossible to leave a
unified field system like Earth’s very far without detaching from the system by
creating and modulating our own unified field system.

Then how do the extraterrestrials construct the drives in their amazing crafts?

Would it be possible for us humans to realize such a drive?

First of all, we have to discard our limited linear viewpoint and start looking at
our Universe as a truly relativistic phenomenon, projected into existence by an
all-encompassing underlying field.

David Barclay is giving us this opportunity through his relativity theory, by
explaining that since the underlying field is projecting everything into existence
in a core oriented direction, it is possible to diffract this field into a local focus,
if one had the lenses needed and arranged them correctly.

Magnets are such lenses.

Contemporary science still doesn’t know what electromagnetism is, and fails to
give a satisfactory explanation why a magnet creates attraction, but according to
the NTFFA-theory, magnets are not themselves the very origin of their attractive
and repulsive qualities, but merely acting as a sort of lens refracting the
underlying field, where the appearance of attraction and repulsion is caused by a
decrease or increase of space created between the poles of the magnets.

By focusing the underlying field correctly, and by encapsulating this field
effectively, one is able to create a self sustained unified field, in which all matter,
space and time inside the controlled field starts to relate to the surrounding outer
field as a unique self sustained unified field system.

When now fed with supportive field energy from the FFM source, anything inside
this field becomes a part of the FFM field signature, thus the whole craft is being
elevated to a self sustained field with a unique signature relative to all other
fields in Universe.

Here I want to emphasize that there is one vital factor easily missed regarding
the understanding of the FFM-field created in the vessel.

The properties of this self sustained unified field are by no means electro-
magnetic, even if it is diffracted forth by focusing the electromagnetic field with
the set of FFM-magnets.

As a conclusion, the field diffracted by the electromagnetic geometry is focusing
the very underlying field that feeds every particle with the necessary energy and
identity information needed in projecting it into existence. This goes for the
"empty space" between the particles as well.

So the trick here is to disengage from the signature of the earth field by imposing
a new self sustained unified field, in a way like plugging into a separate energy
line connected to the underlying matrix.

The Field Frequency Modulator

A Field Frequency Modulator (FFM) is representing a complete new approach to
interact with the fundamental energy field of our universe, and will by creating
a  self sustained unified field system allow us the luxury of travelling far beyond
the field system of Earth.

The possibilities awaiting in modulating the Non Linear Time Field Frequency
Acceleration (NTFFA) is immense, as it is only limited by the boundaries of the
underlying field, which is responsible for the existence of all matter, space and

According to the NTFFA theory a correctly configured Field Frequency
Modulator (FFM) placed inside a field-encapsulating casing, will enable the
creation of a fully self sustained unified field, thus making it possible to engage
relation to any chosen field system in universe


A derivation of the NTFFA theory concludes that a FFM craft when modulated
into a focus range of NTFFA that is higher than the upper NTFFA limit of the
surrounding field, the craft will no longer be relating to that field.

It will now instantly be forced to relate to a field range corresponding to the
actual NTFFA value of the craft.

So when accelerating the time field frequency beyond the upper NTFFA of Earth,
the craft will instantly relate to the field of the Sun, and the modulation of the
FFM in the craft has now to navigate in correlation to this field instead.

Seen from an observer in the Earth field, the craft instantly disappears from
sight, since it has disengaged its relation to the Earth field, and is now positioned
outside the Earth field in a time field frequency relation to the field of the Sun.

Disengaging from the unified field of the Sun is thus done by rising the NTFFA of
the craft beyond the NTFFA of the Solar system and modulating the field of the
craft in accordance with a desired field system in for example a nearby star or
star cluster or even a distant galaxy, thereby making the craft instantly appear
on the desired place and time chosen.

This is how the UFOs travel between the stars and galaxies.

Distance is here not a question of energy, it is a question of field frequency
modulation knowledge.

How do the ET crafts navigate inside Earths atmosphere?

Compared to the interstellar jump method by changing field relation,
moving and navigating inside a unified field system like Earth calls for quite
different skills and knowledge in NTFFA-modulation.

We are here most likely confined to linearly travel.

Additionally, instant jumps to other field systems employed inside a planetary
atmosphere would have a huge negative impact on the surrounding time/space,
and one can from this draw the conclusion that extraterrestrial crafts probably
leave the solar system before doing their interstellar jumps.

So navigating a FFM craft linearly inside a field system like Earth demands a
delicate technique to create movement in a desired direction.

Here we need to establish an continuously and adaptive four directional relation
to the surrounding field system, thus being able to create a desired vector
differential in NTFFA corresponding to the field directions of the planet.

This calls for a casing that permits a vector oriented communication with the
surrounding field structure in a very complex way.

Understanding the workings of the NTFFA thus leads to the insight that a
variable type of field encapsulation is necessary in sustaining and employing an
artificially created field for interstellar travel as well as planetary travel in an

So we are searching for properties in the casing that not only allows for the
creation of an effective encapsulation, but additionally it also has to enable the
possibility to employ vector oriented differences of  NTFFA  in relation to the
outer field in order to navigate linearly inside a planetary field.

We are now talking about shielding and encapsulating a unified field, which is
something far more complicated than shielding an electromagnetic field.

Still we have to start our search in the area related to electromagnetism, since
EM is a direct response to the underlying field and closely involved when
employing a FFM.

One way to start was to do some research in possibly valid UFO related material,
since it is our conviction that understanding the properties of the UFO casings is
absolutely vital in succeeding with any FFM project.

Part 3  "The Casing Properties"  will be posted within 24 hours

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The Casing Theory Part 3 (screen resolution for viewing: 1024 x 768 or higher )
Reply #2 on: October 26, 2009, 01:09:03 AM

                                                 Part 3

                         The Casing Properties

I have on several occasions commented the "Roswell UFO incident" in the forum,
which took place outside Roswell, New Mexico, USA, on July 8, 1947.

Our interest in this incident is mainly about that rare piece of UFO casing that was
hidden away from the authorities for many years, and which just a few years ago
was put to scientific examination.

The validity of this information becomes highly evident when studying the properties
of this casing in the light of the Unity theory.

During the first analysis under a Scanning Electron Microscope the parts turned out
to be a layered material.

The layering consisted of layers of 1-4 micrometers bismuth, alternated with layers
of 100-200 micrometers of almost pure magnesium.

The samples have a total of 25 layers. The bismuth is 100 percent pure,
the magnesium-zinc is 97.6 percent magnesium and 2.4 zinc.

                                 The bismuth layer

Some of the reasons for the extra terrestrial craft constructor to use these layers
becomes very clear and obvious when checking the properties for these metals,
especially bismuth.

First of all, bismuth is the most diamagnetic of all metals.

Diamagnetism is the property of an object which causes it to create a magnetic field
in opposition of an externally applied magnetic field, thus causing a repulsive effect.

                       Magnet levitating on bismuth in room temperature

The links below are experiments showing the diamagnetic behaviour of bismuth.

The magnetic properties of the elements in the periodic table are commonly
divided into three types: ferromagnetism, paramagnetism and diamagnetism.

Ferromagnetic materials exhibit a strong attraction to magnetic fields and are able to
retain their magnetic properties after the external field has been removed. Iron, nickel,
and cobalt are examples of ferromagnetic materials.

Paramagnetism is a kind of magnetism characteristic of materials weakly attracted by a
strong magnet. Strong paramagnetism (not to be confused with the ferromagnetism
of the elements iron, cobalt, nickel, and other alloys) is exhibited by compounds
containing iron, palladium, platinum, and the rare-earth elements.

Diamagnetic materials are repelled by a magnetic field and the material does not retain
the magnetic properties when the external field is removed.

Most metals contain both diamagnetic and paramagnetic properties to some degree,
but bismuth is purely diamagnetic.

Also, no other metal is verified to be more naturally diamagnetic than bismuth.

Scientifically, diamagnetic materials cause lines of magnetic flux to curve away from
the material.

                                             Bismuth crystal

So bismuth is the perfect metal to use if one wants to enclose or repel an
electromagnetic field, as well as inhibit the creation of eddy fields, or other bonding
electromagnetic interactions. 

Bismuth has a relatively low melting point of 271 C., which is approximately midway
between the melting points of tin and lead. This means it is easily cast and when
applying it to other materials as a coating it tends to stick firmly.

Also, bismuth has poor thermal properties, which means it has the ability to isolate
against heat and cold far better than most metals.

It is additionally a poor leader of electricity, which means that it is being resistant
to electric and electromagnetic currents. When deposited in sufficiently thin layers
on a substrate, bismuth is a semiconductor, rather than a poor metal.

Recent studies have found bismuth to reach anomalously high resistivity peaks at
certain electromagnetic frequencies, as well as becoming conductive at other

Bismuth is also used as a filter for gamma rays due to its high absorption of this type
of radiation.

                                                                           Bismuth crystal

The density of bismuth is 9.75 grams/cubic centimetre (86% of the density of lead),
also making it a good absorber of alpha and beta radiation.

In industrial applications bismuth is the primary material when it comes to shielding
against several kinds of radiation such as gamma rays and bombardment of neutrons.

For example it is used as the main carrier for uranium fuel in nuclear reactors, which
means it is able to withstand radioactivity extremely well without deteriorating.

It is non toxic, and even its oxide can be ingested without toxic effects.

At present, bismuth is relatively inexpensive ($0.10 per gram for 99.5% purity).

                                                        Bismuth crystal

I have a feeling that Bismuth is the number one used material in the
manufacturing of UFO casings, it seems like such a space metal, maybe "The Space Metal".

If continuing that path of thought, one arrives to think of Bismuth as necessary
for space travel. One could easily imagine there is a saying all around our galaxy like:
”No Bismuth, no travel."   

So, the conclusions are:

1. Bismuth is the perfect choice if one wants to repel or enclose an 
    electromagnetic field.

2. It acts as an effective shield against surrounding electrostatic currents and

3. If you want to shield yourself from gamma rays and neutron bombardment,
    or whatever hits you in the Van Allen belt and further out, this is the metal
    to use

4. It is the best choice of metal if you want to be as unaffected as possible by
    surrounding thermal extremes, thus minimising necessary additional

5. Non toxic, cheap and easy to handle and cast, with coatings of the material
    sticking firmly to the applied material.

More interesting things about Bismuth:

Bismuth is one of very few substances of which the liquid phase is denser than its
solid phase (water being the best-known example.)

A rather significant fact about Bismuth is that it is one of the heaviest known
non radioactive metals. Looking at the periodic table, it is positioned on the very
border between the non radioactive and radioactive metals.

                                   The magnesium layer

If we now take a second look at the properties of the Roswell casing we
find that the 1-4 micrometer layers of bismuth was alternated with layers of 100-200
micrometers of magnesium/zinc alloy.

The casing with its 25 layers only adds up to a total thickness of about 2 millimetres,
which is only twice as thick as car sheet metal.

So one thing is obvious, the task of the Roswell casing was definitely not to keep the
craft together in vacuum. Most likely this casing was applied to the surface of the
actual casing of the spacecraft for special reasons.

Let’s have a closer look at the magnesium/zinc alloy.

The presence of 2.4 percent zinc is reflecting a well known necessity in creating a
usable durability and strength in magnesium, and 2.4 percent is close to the ideal
magnesium/zinc alloy in respect of strength.

The effect of strengthening due to precipitation hardening depends on the alloy
chemistry, and for MG-5%ZN alloy it is around 70 %, which is higher than other
magnesium alloys.

So the presence of zinc seems to be due to the need for stability and tenacity,
but still the ET craft constructor kept the zinc amount as low as possible.

What properties in magnesium are of such significance that the ET craft constructor
had to minimize the necessary stabilizing zinc content?

Besides properties like high strength to weight ratio, and being the lightest of all
structural metals, with excellent damping qualities, absorbing noise and vibration,
I found the following properties of magnesium to be of interest.

Excellent electromagnetic shielding property.

In the case of reflective electromagnetic interference shielding, magnesium is valid
for the entire frequency spectrum.

For shielding by absorption, magnesium shows advantages at frequencies higher than
1MHz. This is because as the frequency increases, the wall thickness required for a
certain level of shielding effectiveness becomes smaller.

Now this is interesting, since the thickness of the magnesium layers was only at
most 0.2 millimetres, which indicates high frequency electromagnetic interference
shielding properties.

                                                                    Magnesium crystals

The electromagnetic shielding properties of magnesium seem to complement
the shielding properties of bismuth in a positive way, but here ends the similarity.

Looking further I realized that the two main electromagnetic properties of magnesium
are the exact opposite of bismuth.

1. Highly paramagnetic.

2. A very good conductor of electricity.

Could it be that these strangely opposing properties were hiding something of great
significance in the workings of the casing, when alternated in those layers?

We started to look for information extracted from experiments by conventional science
about anomalous events occurring between thin metal layers, and found that the
highly anomalous Casimir effect was derived by placing two parallel conducting metal
plates within a distance that coincided with the distance between the magnesium
layers in the Roswell casing.

The interesting anomalous event occurring in the Casimir effect is that when the
experiment is conducted in vacuum, where no energy should be present, it results
in the creation of a pressure force acting upon the plates when the distance is in the
micrometre range.

At a distance below 200 micrometers between the plates, an undetectable energy
forced the plates together, indicating the presence of a hitherto unknown field.

This energy field behind the Casimir effect has got the name Zero Point energy.

The Casimir force is widely cited as evidence that underlying the universe there must
be a sea of real zero-point energy.

To get a better understanding of the workings behind the multilayered casing,
we have to take a closer look at this strange phenomenon Zero Point energy.

Part 4  "Zero Point Energy and NTFFA - The Multilayer Secret"  will be posted within 24 hours

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The Casing Theory Part 4 (screen resolution for viewing: 1024 x 768 or higher )
Reply #3 on: October 26, 2009, 06:57:47 PM


                                                                    Part 4

Zero Point energy and NTFFA - The Multilayer Secret

Zero-point energy is the energy that remains when all other energy is removed
from a system.

This behaviour is demonstrated aside from the above described Casimir effect by,
for example, liquid helium.

As the temperature is lowered to absolute zero, helium remains a liquid, rather than
freezing to a solid, owing to the irremovable zero-point energy of its atomic motions.

The zero-point energy density is assumed to be constant: no matter how much the
universe expands it does not become diluted, but instead more zero-point energy is
assumed to be created out of nothing.

In fact, zero-point energy has the desired property of driving the accelerated expansion
of our universe, and thus having the requisite properties of dark energy, but to an
absurdly greater degree than required, i.e. 120 orders of magnitude.

This has puzzled the scientists, since all their calculations derived from experimental
results coincide on this point.

Furthermore they agree that the spectrum of zero-point energy seems to extend to
the Planck scale, which means its energy density would be the mass equivalent of about
1093 grams per cubic centimetre which would reduce the universe to a size smaller than
an atomic nucleus.

These results seem paradoxical only as long as one regards the universe as a self
sustained static condition.

When taking into consideration the idea of an underlying field being responsible for
the existence of all matter, time and space, the paradox dissolves.

The calculated energy density of zero point energy is now equivalent to the
necessary underlying energy needed for the sustained projection of our universe
and its accelerative expansion.

The equation is balanced, the power which would reduce all matter in universe into
a point like size, is equal to the power needed to vibrate all matter into existence as
an expanding system of relative field systems.

Signs in this direction continue to appear in the frontiers of zero point energy research.
A recent study showed that such a zero-point field based mass-generating approach
would explain the origin of Einstein's principle of equivalence.

Also there is found to be a dynamic equilibrium in which the zero-point energy stabilises
the electron in a set ground-state orbit. It seems that the very stability of matter itself
appears to depend on an underlying sea of zero-point energy.

The American physicist Dr. Harold E. Puthoff derives gravity, inertia, heat, and also
electricity directly from ZPE considerations, which makes me think of David Barclays
Unity theory, where these forces are mere responses to the condition of field.

These concepts suggest that zero-point energy may be involved in some of the most
fundamental properties of matter.

Could the direct source for this omnipresent unceasing zero-point energy be the very
underlying field that the Unity theory postulate is bound to exist?

Our conclusion is yes, everything observed by the today's scientists engaged in
zero-point energy research indicates that this is the case.

Here it is of importance to stress that our present concept of zero-point energy is
limited by our means to detect it, thus we are easily mislead to draw a direct parallel
between the full concept of zero-point energy and the detectable spectrum of
secondary responses like electromagnetism and gravity.

In our opinion true zero-point energy is undetectable, only its derivates such as electro-
magnetism, inertia, heat, matter, time and so forth, are detectable.

Taking the above mentioned into consideration, our conclusion is:

If the omnipresent zero-point energy is the action of an underlying zero-point field,
then the zero-point energy is bound to be equivalent to Non Linear Time Field
Frequency Acceleration.

                                                 Thus:  ZPE = NTFFA

                                           The multilayer secret

The reasoning of ZPE = NTFFA is opening up completely new doors into
the understanding of the incredible functions of the extraterrestrial drive.

By studying the experimental results of ZPE research through the glasses of the
Unity concept, and combining this with our gathered information about bismuth
and magnesium, we are suddenly in the position to take our second step into
the mystery of the Roswell casing

First of all, the multilayer concept in experiments with the Casimir effect is well known
by frontier scientists.

Using multi layers of semi conductive plates between conductive or dielectric plates in
creating a detectable Casimir force is for example presented in a patent application by
Denny Charles Cormier. (Patent Application 20080296437)

Dr. Robert L. Forward suggested using micro-fabricated sandwiches of ultra fine metal
dielectric layers to tap the zero-point energy through the Casimir effect.

The main subject in this study by the Gwandau Team is about the casing properties
needed to host a self sustained unified field modulated by a FFM inside a craft,
so one might ask:

How does the Casimir effect relate to the encapsulation of the NTFFA-field?

We know that the Casimir effect, derived by placing two parallel conducting metal
plates within a distance in the micrometer range, coincided with the distance
between the magnesium layers in the Roswell casing.

We also know that bismuth is a semiconductor when deposited in sufficiently thin
layers on a substrate, and that it  will reach anomalously high resistivity peaks at certain
electromagnetic frequencies, unlike any other known metal.

This makes the 1-4 micrometer  bismuth layer an excellent choice in effectuating a
range of semi-conductive to highly resistant spacing between the conducting
magnesium layers, thus making the layers respond to the zero-point energy field,
or as I prefer calling it, the underlying NTFFA-field.

With the above information taken into consideration, in what way is the Roswell
casing affecting the NTFFA-field?

Let’s start with taking a closer look at the workings of the Casimir-effect, effectuated
by empty space between two conductive plates.

The conventional explanation of the Casimir-effect is referring to a pressure difference
of unknown property in the space between the plates and the space outside the plates.

The anomalous pressure difference in vacuum is explained as a difference
of quantum fluctuations, or vacuum fluctuations, in that the spacing between the
plates is cancelling out certain wavelengths of the vacuum fluctuations that doesn’t
fit between the plates.

The above explanation is derived from a linear viewpoint of our universe, expecting the
underlying zero-point energy to behave just like any other wave in our visible universe.

Quantum physics are today groping in the dark trying to grapple the strange force
acting upon the plates, giving rise to their concept of virtual particles as a means to
keep the quantum theory in a valid position.

By inventing virtual particles which outside the plates increasingly overpower the
decreasing quantity of virtual particles appearing between the plates with an
exponentially increasing force, they believe to have saved the threatened quantum
theory, making it possible for them to stay authority on the arena.

But this invention of virtual particles just magnifies the already contradictory and
paradoxical situation in modern quantum physics.

If we chose to watch this phenomenon as a differential in NTFFA between the inside
and the outside of the plates, we get quite a different scenario.

The pieces of the puzzle now fit smoothly together without any far-fetched
makeshift solutions.

Two conductive or dielectric plates reaching a distance below 200 micrometers now
are verging on a threshold limit where the directional properties of NTFFA are
beginning to reduce their ability to express themselves geometrically into the three
dimensional space, by nearing in on the very frequency range of NTFFA, and thereby
creating a differential relative the NTFFA outside the plates.

The differential created between the plates is similar to the differential
created between two magnets of opposite poles, thus decreasing both space and time,
and therefore creating the attractive response.

The differential created between the plates is increasing the closer one moves the
plates and at distances below a micrometre the response of attraction becomes the
strongest known force between two neutral objects.

Indeed at separations of 10 nm - about a hundred times the typical size of an atom
- the NTFFA-differential produces the equivalent of 1 atmosphere of pressure.

The today existing observations using a conductive
plate in combination with the following materials are:

•   Conductive plate            :  attractive force
•   Dielectric plate               :  attractive force
•   Magnetic plate               :  repulsive force
•   Magneto dielectric plate  :  potential wall

A dielectric material is acting as an insulator against electric currents but differs from
an ordinary insulator by expressing a dielectric polarization, and is used as insulating
material between the metallic sheets in capacitors.

Magneto dielectric effect means the relative variance of dielectric constants after and
before applying magnetic fields.

Presently there is a great variety of experiments going on with multilayered
combinations of different conductive and magnetic properties in the search of a clue
to the basic function and origin of zero-point energy.

In one of these experiments, using ferromagnetic layers separated by a nonmagnetic
metal spacer, a spectacular oscillatory behaviour of the interlayer exchange coupling
was observed in the Casimir range.

Zero-point energy is today widely known by scientists to be intimately connected to
the dielectric function of the objects distributed in space.

This means that in principle one can accurately tailor the zero-point energy, and,
therefore, the Casimir force, by engineering the boundary conditions for the
electromagnetic field with a suitable choice of appropriately designed materials.

It is also known that the Casimir force can be modified significantly by an external
magnetic field. Experimental results show that it is possible to control the Casimir
interaction in the fabrication of materials by such an external field.

Modulating the Casimir force is according to several scientists possible to do by using
devices that alters the dielectric or magnetic properties of the bodies. By altering the
dielectric or magnetic properties, the repulsive Casimir force can be made to decrease,
then vanish, then reappear as an attractive force.

When taking the above into consideration, one easily understand that the properties
of the Roswell casing are designed to interact with the NTFFA of the underlying field,
equivalent to the zero-point energy.

Part 5  "The Multilayer Secret Revealed"  will be posted within 24 hours

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The Casing Theory Part 5 (screen resolution for viewing: 1024 x 768 or higher )
Reply #4 on: October 27, 2009, 07:21:04 PM

                                                           Part 5

                                         Foreword to Part 5

The coherence revealed when studying the experimental results of zero point energy
research in the light of David Barclay’s relativity theory is giving credit to the validity of
the Roswell incident as a true event, indicating the thin outer casing fragment, that was
pealed off the crashed craft in the desert outside Roswell 1947, to be a valid and crucial part
of the extraterrestrial drive system.

It is obvious that the multilayered alternation of bismuth and magnesium are interfering
with the NTFFA in several ways, and the most apparent effect of this composition's
ability to interfere with the underlying field is what the Gwandau team have managed
to unveil.

And as far as we are concerned, this is enough proof to secure our continuation of the
FFM Focus Finder project, which has been the main reason for our research into the
casing mystery.

However, there are so many additional parameters involved in the properties of the
Roswell casing regarding the interference probability in the Casimir range due to the
opposing diamagnetic and paramagnetic qualities active in the propagation and
permeability of NTFFA, that we still are just at the very beginning of an understanding
how this thin multilayer material enables the encapsulation of a self sustained unified field.

But our present understanding still is enough to realize that we have stumbled into an area
of knowledge not yet dawned upon mankind.

                       The multilayer secret revealed

The extraterrestrial layer composition of 1-4 micrometer highly diamagnetic and semi
conductive bismuth layers with a thickness in the active Casimir range, are verging
on the nanometre scale and thus very actively interfering with the underlying NTFFA
field, if surrounded by layers of conductive material.

The semi conductive properties of the bismuth layer also enables this layer to express
different responses to the NTFFA field when exposed to different types
of electromagnetic frequencies.

Depending upon the electromagnetic field properties engaged upon the bismuth layer,
bismuth becomes either conductive or non conductive.

When being non conductive and positioned between conductive plates like the
magnesium layers, the layer composition acts as Casimir plates creating a differential
in NTFFA between the plates, thus decreasing the NTFFA value projected through
the casing.

When being conductive, it conforms with the conductive magnesium layers and the
casing quits acting as Casimir plates and now permits the modulated NTFFA field of
the craft to express itself fully onto the immediate outside of the craft.

The extra terrestrial engineers seems to have succeeded in creating a casing
that combines encapsulation of the NTFFA field with the ability to alter the
permeability degree of the NTFFA value.

By doing this, they not only enable the possibility to relate to any desired field system
of destination, but also enable the crucial navigation inside a field system like Earth.

Below is a graphical presentation of the basic function for an encapsulated FFM-modulated
craft to reach an anti gravity response in relation to planetary surface


Now, this is just a vertical response to the NTFFA field of the planet,
making the craft rise or sink in accordance to the modulated value of NTFFA
by the FFM, as explained in the Unity theory.

Then how does the ET craft move and navigate horizontally in a planetary field ?

When using a FFM for travel inside the field of Earth you are dealing with four
differently dimensional directions of NTFFA, which makes this kind of travel quite an art.

But as many have observed, the extraterrestrial crafts navigate quite effective
in the horizontal plane as well.

According to the Unity theory the four directions of acceleration are in the direction
of rotational spin, from the equator to the North Pole, from the equator to the South
Pole and symmetrically to the centre of the earth.

Then how do they manage to affect the field structure of the craft for horizontal
propagation inside a planetary atmosphere?

Since we are dealing with four different dimensional directions of the NTFFA in a field
system like Earth, it seems possible not only to create a differential in relation to the
centre oriented NTFFA and thereby creating a vertical lift, but it seems as well fully
possible to create a differential in relation to the NTFFA acting from the equator towards
the poles thereby creating a horizontal vector of movement towards north or south,
as well as moving westward or eastward by relating to the NTFFA accelerating in the
direction of rotation.

A possible solution how to bypass the single upward lift by simultaneously creating
a relation to the horizontally directed fields of NTFFA is this:

By using the properties of the casing as a NTFFA filter one may create a fully effective
difference in the accelerative properties of NTFFA expressing themselves discriminatively
around the immediate outer perimeter of the craft.

It seems logical that if a FFM craft initially is poised at a certain height above ground
level corresponding to the level of core oriented NTFFA, and thereafter is partially
exposing a lower value of NTFFA around its outer perimeter, this field will strive to relate
to a field of same value.

Since the major NTFFA exposed on the main body of the craft is inhibiting the craft to
decrease in height, the craft is bound to move horizontally in order to equal the NTFFA
exposed around the perimeter in relation to the weaker horizontal fields of the planet.
This will induce horizontal movement.

The horizontal vector differential in NTFFA is in my opinion what is causing the ionized
light emanating from the rim of the ET crafts observed by night.

The horizontal movements created by this differential in NTFFA may at first
sight look like a kind of propulsion, but its not, its just one field trying arrange itself in
relation to another field.

This is done by exposing properly configured electromagnetic fields upon selective areas
of the casing and thus creating a vector oriented selective permeability of NTFFA in the
horizontal plane.

Horizontal manoeuvres of this kind is fully possible due to the apparent ability in the Roswell
casing to change the degree of  NTFFA exposed onto desired areas outside of the craft.


Above is an attempt to visualize the four directional acceleration of NTFFA
accessible for use in vertical and horizontal navigation by a FFM powered craft.

The increasing degree of NTFFA towards the poles are depicted with the rainbow
pattern spreading from the equator to the poles, red at the equator and moving
into violet towards the poles.

The rainbow arrow is describing the acceleration of NTFFA in direction of rotational spin.

Additionally we have to deal with the magnetic grid of Earth which probably will be acting
as a highway, attracting and attaching the vessel to the NTFFA nodes of the grid.

This electromagnetic grid are equal to the Curry lines and Hartman lines.

It’s here Bruce Kathie’s work in mapping the grid will be of use. He has also noticed
that all recorded UFO sightings are localized to certain grid points.

When it comes to the big jumps done in empty space to distant stars and even galaxies,
the scenario is both simpler and more complicated.

The simplicity in changing the relation of field according to the Unity theory is due to
the fact that every field system has a certain field signature consisting of the value
and structure of the four dimensional directions of NTFFA.

As a result, when modulating a FFM craft into the range of the field system of destination,
the craft instantaneously starts to relate to that field system, which means that the only
place possible for the craft to exist is in that field system.

This is the very basic function of a non-linear relative universe.

There is no such thing as linear distance between field systems. The illusion of measuring
linear distance to another field system is relative and entirely depends on from which field
system the observer is experiencing this illusion.

Below is a basic graphical simplified explanation of jumps between field systems.

The basics are simple, but the actual modulation of field to correspond to the field of
destination is an art of modulation knowledge beyond comprehension.

Still it is done, and the proof of this is the presence of ET crafts in our solar system,
witnessed by so many people on Earth that it is beyond doubt.

There seems to be a lot more people being witnesses to ET crafts than the ones published
by media. This low profile is most often due to the concern of the individual to keep the
present social reputation as a sound and sane person.

Many people, including myself, know somebody in the vicinity who carries such a secret,
almost as a burden, only telling about the experience to trustable friends.

There is so much to be known about the wonder of our visitors, who seem to take special
interest in our little hillbilly planet circling our mediocre dwarf sun in the very
outskirts of our galaxy.

Maybe they are more involved in our being on Earth than we can comprehend.

Their presence is proof enough that they for some reason care about the strange
little race so dearly occupied by affairs on the surface that they most often forget
to halt and take a look up at their big home called universe.


                                           The Casing Theory by The Gwandau Team 2009

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